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Why Choose Chaparral?

Seasoned mergers and acquisitions specialists
Chaparral Group makes complex deals simple because we are seasoned mergers and acquisitions specialists. We move you smoothly through every stage of a purchase or sale, bringing the right buyers and sellers together at the right time, and executing the deal. We have successfully bought and sold thousands of companies of all sizes, in all types of challenging situations.

Dedicated principal-to-principal service
Every Chaparral Group client receives senior-level attention. You deal principal-to-principal with a Chaparral Group partner, not a junior team. Your proprietary business information is held in strictest confidentiality. Throughout the relationship, you call the shots; we deliver.

Unparalleled expertise
Chaparral Groupís expertise is unparalleled and our approach to purchases and sales is rigorous and comprehensive. Thatís why we can promise ďno surprises, no mistakes.Ē Our process begins with understanding your company, objectives, market, and industry. Then, working with you, we would do the following:

Conduct in-depth financial analysis
Assist in raising financing (as necessary)
Provide appropriate consulting and marketing services
Identify target companies and screen prospects
Conduct comprehensive financial and legal due diligence
Determine the best deal structure (asset, purchase, stock purchase, etc.)
Negotiate the purchase/sale
Complete the transaction

A talent for deal-making
Chaparral Group is known for our ability to create a shared vision among parties with diverse personalities and interests. We work effectively with every level of your company, from the board of directors down. We obtain approvals quickly from local, state, and governmental regulatory agencies. Our approach is collaborative, based on straightforward dialogue, backed by unyielding integrity. No matter who the players are, we create the consensus that gets the deal done.

Fast response – guaranteed
We move fast, because the best business opportunities just donít wait. Chaparral Group guarantees that youíll never be held up by us – we get moving toward your purchase or sale goals from our very first meeting.

Top expertise from a specialist network
Chaparral Groupís unique specialist network brings the most up-to-date talent to your purchase or sale. These top professionals, located throughout the United States, are at your service as part of our group. They include tax and mergers and acquisitions attorneys, investment bankers, tax accountants, current and former CEOs and CFOs, financial analysts, engineering and operations experts, and more. Our specialists work directly with you, your Chaparral Group principal, and other designees (such as your company CFO or accountant) in strict accordance with the project scope that you approve in advance.

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